Friday, November 28, 2008

Gallery Out/Aut

An Art gallery in the most unlikely of places, among the bakeries, sports bars, and espresso cafes of Corso Italia of St. Clair West. In the former kurdish Centre below the side walk, the true Avant Garde remains hidden in more than our own subconscious minds. Run by an Artist, Ranko Pavic, from a coastal former Yugoslavian Adriatic country. He brings with him that Slavic artistic sensibility that cuts with razor precision. Last nights' opening of a group show that does not disappoint with vision reminders of Joseph Beuys and Frida Khalo, both political and sensual. Hanging film a smashed TV,a white board english lesson, and a collage Ol Glory all brings the avant garde into the here and now of failing empires and rising new ones.

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