Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joy Walker at MKG Gallery

One has few opportunities in this frenzied world to experience serenity, walking into Joy Walker's world is one of them. This kind of meditative expression comes from a being here and now experience. Images such as are displayed in Ms. Walkers "Chanced " exhibit come from an immediate reflection, reminding me of a quote from Jack Kerouac, " First thought best thought...". Chewing for too long can only result in a muddied mess of confusion. The muted colours and faintly suggested shadows take me further into the meditation of relative reality verses ultimate reality, the reality of complete clarity as opposed to the frantic jumble of thoughts that race through the mind every moment of every day. Ms. Walkers images, (all of print process), cut through with definitive certainty. Her exhibit continues at MKG Gallery at 127 Ossington Ave, until April 16th.

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