Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Good, and the well? Not so good

So  I chanced into my second adventure with the AGO'S presentation of MOMA'S ABEX collection. For some reason my feelings have not changed. Before I rant on about the work that both moved me and made me feel completely inadequate as an Artist, after my first visit I wanted to go home and burn my brushes , I would like to discuss the two items in the exhibit that I found missing appropriate treatment.
When an opportunity comes to ones' mind and eye to present to the community a collection of Art that is as poignantly definitive of a place and time such as post war America, one must consider every detail with the eye of the Artists themselves. There is a heavy handed ego in place if this process is not given the sensitivity so deserving.
I handed over my ticket to the young lady standing guard over the gates to heaven, and found purgatory. The first room that presents the works of Arshile Gorky and Adolph Gottlieb is not a room but a corridor. The first time I visited the exhibit was on a Sunday, the galleries were packed with wanting eyes. This corridor was like negotiating an urban highway during rush hour. Lots of bumping, very little seeing. The second time I went was on a Tuesday, the population was moderate. yet still I could not give the work the view both it and I deserved.
Let's move on to the second room. If one wants to enjoy the large and exciting works of De Kooning in the comfort of their living room then this room was perfect although missing the divan and fireplace.
Those are the only censures I have of this otherwise bravado exhibit.
I could rant on and on about the work, but I'll let you make up your own mind on that account. Although I was taken rather strongly by the Franz Kline works.

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