Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Tundra Project

I somehow lament for the north, a place I have never tread upon yet here I am with plans of making the trek to paint the land and all who live upon paint the arctic waters and all who live within paint the forever sky and and all who take flight through it...and the ice melting - changing forever what the north will become...
First though comes finding the money and all the planning...will it be gov't grants or private sponsorship that sees me propping great sheets of plywood on the tundra surface...revving up my router to gouge out impressions and layer on thick and thin gobs of paint as I watch it all pass before have an Inuit videographer record the whole process for others to know...this is all a dream I wake to often... this is the work I need to do to see it through...

1 comment:

talkingnow said...

Wow - what a mighty project. Absolutely wonderful.
And you are the one to capture the northern impressions.

may grants find you when you start your path in search.